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CB Property Brokers prides itself in providing a one stop service to all of our valued clients, our services which are not exhaustible includes NIE Applications , Spanish Residencia Applications , Healthcare Registration , Business Licence Application , Child School Enrolment, Notary Accompaniment in respect of  Residential Sales and Commercial  full lease/ contract negotiation service and more.


September 2011

As far as educating your children in Spain we can endorse this as being more than acceptable from our own experience and naturally we will be more than happy to pass on our own personal findings.

More often than not it is now necessary to apostile (legalise) English documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates and we would highly recommend that you do this in good time to coincide with your move to Spain particularly in the case where you have school age children, please follow this link which is self explanatory pay the fees and your documentation will all be in order to allow entrance into the Spanish health system which will subsequently allow all of the papers to be in order so that the school admission process will follow on naturally


Please click on the following link below:



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